Xamarin Android Emulator update

Xamarin Android Player

In an earlier post, where I talked about configuring your environment for development, I mentioned that the Android Emulator gave me a bit of a headache. On Planet Xamarin, a aggregator for multiple Xamarin minded blogs, I came across a post about making the Xamarin Android Player work. After following the instructions in the blog … Read more

Xamarin.Forms: from zero to hero – part 2

Hercules - From zero to hero

In my previous post I have covered the basics of starting with Xamarin, more specific Xamarin.Forms. There I have described that my first app would be a business app for the company I work for. In the meanwhile I have been working on this app to get it ready for the App Store, Market and/or Play … Read more

Xamarin.Forms: from zero to hero – part 1

Hercules - From zero to hero

Time to get my hands dirty, finally some programming! Or is it? Just a little bit of theory for now. Personally I always like to get some form of 101 before I start something. Today there is a nice little website that provides in that called YouTube. So before I actually got started I set … Read more