Visual Studio for Mac Run Configurations: Running Multiple Projects at Once

The other day I was doing a live stream with Luce Carter. While doing so I actually learned a thing myself about debugging multiple projects at the same time. You can very easily set this up in Visual Studio for Mac with run configurations. I decided to write it up so you can benefit as … Read more

Clearing downloaded Source Link cache for Visual Studio for Mac

Xamarin.Forms has support for Source Link for a while now. With Visual Studio for Mac you can now dive into the Forms NuGet (or any NuGet that support Source Link of course) and debug code that you didn’t even write! Although it should never happen™, there might be times where you need to clean the … Read more

Visual Studio for Mac 2019 Preview at a glance

To get the Windows and Mac versions more aligned, we now have Visual Studio 2019 preview for both platforms. This shiny new version has been introduced as part of Microsoft Connect(); along with a whole lot of other goodness. In this post, I will tell you a few things about what stood out at a … Read more

Public Projects in VSTS Preview: First Look

Public Projects in VSTS Preview- First Look

Since April of this year, VSTS has the ability to hold public projects. I have set one up in my account and will show you what it does and how to use it yourself in this post. What are public projects? When working with VSTS, you had to explicitly grant access to certain users who … Read more

SQL Operations Studio: First look at a great tool

SQL Operations Studio First Look

My main development work happens on a Mac using Mac OS because I develop apps. And frankly, I try to make a challenge out of it to not leave Mac OS for other development work as well. This works very well because of tools like Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Code. There is … Read more

Moving a Git repo from Bitbucket to Azure DevOps

Moving a Git repo from Bitbucket to VSTS

For a customer project, we had to move a Git repository from Bitbucket to VSTS. It took me a little time to figure out how to set up the authorization, so I thought I would make a quick write-up from it. Update: The original post was written when Azure DevOps was named VSTS. Everywhere where … Read more

Boosting Your Productivity with MFractor

With the release of MFractor Premium, it is about time I would do a blog post about it. I have had the pleasure to work with MFractor for some time now and even had a chat with the create Matthew Robbins. If you do not know what MFractor is; it is an awesome plugin which … Read more