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Introducing Gur.Codes(); my Xamarin vlog!

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Note! The gur.code name and domain are no longer in use.

As a addition to my blogs I have been writing here for quite some time now, I thought; what can I do to take it to the next level? And so I have started my own vlog as well! Gur.Codes(); is born.

What is The Vlog About? #

As you are used to from me, by now, I <3 Xamarin, so it will all be Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms for now. I won’t rule out anything in the future, but for now I like to focus on Xamarin and everything around it. I will try to keep my episodes short and bite-sized, each will handle a elemental aspect of Xamarin.Forms. In a time where development goes very fast, and we do not want to read lenghty blogposts or watch long videos or sessions, I think it makes sense to just do short videos that get to the core quick.┬áThen it is up to you to pick it up from there!

I personally have learned a lot in the early days from watching videos and sessions, so hopefully you will now learn from mine. Also, this vlog-journey is completely new to me as well, so please do not hesitate to let me know what you think. If it’s really bad, please do so by mail ;-)

The videos will be prefixed with a 100, 200 or 300 tag which will be equivalent to the Microsoft session levels. Which means; 100 is super easy, 200 a little less and 300 will make your head go round. Since I have a lot going on with talks, and blogs, etc. I cannot commit to a certain timeframe for an episode, I will try to do one regularly, but do not expect one once a week as clockwork.

Gur? #

At a company I have worked one (of many) nicknames they had for me was Gur. So, when I consulted my Xamarin partner in crime Steven, he came up with this name and I just went with it!

Where to Find The Good Stuff #

You can find the first episodes on the page where I list them which is but the videos are hosted on YouTube, so you can find them on my page there as well. And while you are there, please subscribe to stay updated.

Lastly, if you have any subject that you would like to have covered, just reach out to me through here, Twitter or mail.