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The .NET MAUI Track for .NET Conf 2023

··6 mins

Yesterday I stumbled across this post by Ed Charbeneau where he lists all the sessions that have to do with Blazor at the upcoming .NET Conf next week.

I thought it would be a nice idea to do the same but for .NET MAUI!

What is .NET Conf? #

.NET Conf is the event where the latest major .NET version is launched. There will be a live stream for 2 days straight (November 14-16) and speakers from all around the world are presenting their content that has to do with (the latest version) of .NET. For this year that is .NET 8, the new LTS release!

You can find the full schedule here, but if you’re just here for the .NET MAUI updates, keep on reading here. There are 14(!) sessions that mention .NET MAUI in some shape or form. Let’s check it out.

.NET Conf for .NET MAUI Developers #

Underneath you will find all the sessions from the official agenda that have to do with .NET MAUI in some way. All times are listed as PST, the time zone where the event is streamed from (Microsoft HQ). If you want to see your local times, go to the official agenda website.

Tuesday, November 14 #

08:00am - 9:00am PST - Welcome to .NET 8 (Keynote) #

Link to session)

While .NET MAUI is not mentioned by name in the description, I do see “mobile” in there, so I suspect there will be something good!

11:00am - 12:00pm PST - Performance Improvements in .NET 8, ASP.NET Core, and .NET MAUI #

Link to session

This is going to be a good one! Each version of .NET is faster than the one before and especially for .NET MAUI there has been a big focus on performance. Jonathan Peppers is going to talk all about this. You might also want to check out his blog post about it while you’re waiting for this session.

03:45pm - 04:30pm PST - What’s New in .NET MAUI #

Link to session

David Ortinau and Maddy Montaquila, the .NET MAUI rockstars, will update you with everything that is new for .NET MAUI in .NET 8.

Wednesday, 15 November #

03:30pm - 04:00pm PST - Build hybrid apps with .NET MAUI #

Link to session

Why would you choose to put Blazor in a mobile app powered by .NET MAUI? Beth Massi and Eilon Lipton will talk all about why you want this and how to actually do it too.

06:30pm - 07:00pm PST - Bye ASP.NET WebForm, Welcome Blazor: Transform your ASP.NET WebForm Chatbot in no time, and beyond! #

Link to session

It looks like this session is mostly about chatbots and Blazor, but there is also mention of .NET MAUI. So there might be some great content in here about a real-world scenario where you share your code between a Blazor web app and a (Blazor Hybrid?) .NET MAUI app? Be sure to hear from Justin Yoo.

09:00pm - 09:30pm PST - Spatial Data with Entity Framework Core and .NET MAUI #

Link to session

I don’t know much about spatial data, but luckily Giorgi Dalakishvili does! In this session you will learn all about processing spatial data with entity framework while using it in a .NET MAUI app.

10:30pm - 11:00pm PST - Reactive programming with .NET MAUI #

Link to session

Reactive programming has been around for a long time and has a substantial fanbase. In this session you will learn from Enis Necipoğlu how to apply this paradigm in your .NET MAUI apps and see how to write asynchronous and non-blocking code that reacts to changes in data and events. Oh, and there is some MVVM in there too.

Thursday, 16 November #

02:30am - 03:00am PST - Design UI agnostic cross-platform applications with .NET #

Link to session

In this session Dan Ciprian Ardelean will talk about architecting your code in a way that you free yourself from the actual UI framework that you will use. While .NET MAUI is awesome, there are more options available, like Uno, that allow you to write cross-platform apps with C# and .NET. Learn how to not tie yourself to one framework, but stay on the safe side and have the option to transition easier.

06:00am - 06:30am PST - Introducing Grial Studio for .NET MAUI #

Link to session

Grial Kit was already amazing, but the team behind it now introduce Grial Studio?! What’s that all about? Diego Rivero & Pablo Germano are ready to tell you all about this huge productivity boost for when building .NET MAUI apps.

06:30am - 07:00am PST - Building 3D apps with .NET MAUI and Evergine #

Link to session

Using 3D objects in your .NET MAUI app is now a breeze when using Evergine. Allow Jorge Cantón and Javier Suárez Ruiz to update you on everything there is to know about this. Or, maybe you also want to read about it ahead of time in this blog post?

09:00am - 09:30am PST - Community Toolkit Roundup #

Link to session

There is now the MVVM Toolkit, Windows Community Toolkit and .NET MAUI Community Toolkit. Let’s learn about all of these and join in in the discussion. This session by Michael Hawker, Gerald Versluis (hey that’s me!) and Sergio Pedri will talk about these open-source projects full of nifty helpers, high-quality controls and you will have all the time to ask questions.

10:30am - 11:00am PST - How to build a story generator application for children with .NET MAUI and Microsoft Azure #

Link to session

Héctor Uriel Pérez Rojas is quite the story-teller. With the use of Azure and .NET MAUI and a dash of AI, you can create a very cool app that can generate stories for children. This sounds magical and I am totally going to watch this!

12:30pm - 01:00pm PST - Build .NET MAUI Apps with DevOps #

Link to session

Everyone should be using continuous integration, or at least automated build pipelines! Especially for something like mobile apps where building on each platform, for each platform, can be a job that takes a lot of time and effort. In this session Sweekriti Satpathy & David Ortinau will show you how to set up your build pipeline and also how to run unit tests as part of that for your .NET MAUI app.

02:00pm - 02:30pm PST - Uno Platform 5.0: Elevate Your Cross-Platform .NET Development with .NET 8 #

Link to session

The Uno platform is another UI framework that allows you to build cross-platform apps based on C# and .NET. In this session Francois Tanguay and Jérôme Laban will tell you all about the latest version, version 5.0 of their platform. One of the features is .NET MAUI embedding, which allows you to add .NET MAUI components into an Uno app!

02:30pm - 03:00pm PST - Unleashing Cross-Platform Magic in .NET 8: Creating .NET MAUI Apps on Linux with Visual Studio Code #

Link to session

Building .NET MAUI apps from Linux and deploy it to Android with VS Code? That sounds magical! But here are Bruno Capuano and Luis Beltran to demystify this process and show you how to do it exactly.

Can’t Watch Live? #

No problem! All sessions are recorded too and will be made available after the full event has completed. ~I’ll try and update this post with all the relevant links afterwards.~ I have updated all the sessions above with the links to the sessions on YouTube, so go check those out!

There you have it! Hours of .NET MAUI content streamed straight to your home and available for rewatching later.

Have fun watching!