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Null Pointers: Your Opinionated Podcast on Development, Tech and Every Day Struggles

·2 mins

After bumping into each other a few times at conferences and in the virtual world Mark, Steven and myself decided to start a podcast. We proudly present to you: Null Pointers. Being developers ourselves means we cover development topics most of the time. Still, we don’t shy away from moving outside of our little comfort zone.

From here on out, every Wednesday there will be a new episode. The subjects will be a variety of things. The first episode is about work from home (in times of Corona/COVID-19) and the second one is all about .NET 5 for instance. We are all three developers working mostly in the .NET space, with different interests but a shared talent for talking nonsense.

Have any suggestions for topics? Please let us know what we can have an opinion on!

You can find all the information on our website, and you can tune in from your favorite podcast platform like iTunesGooglePocketCastOvercastSpotify. And of course you can also find us on Twitter.

Some Background on Null Pointers #

You can also expect some content around here about the struggles that we have (had) with this. So, if you are interested in starting a podcast yourself: watch this space! A couple of the ingredients what we’ve already come across:

  • Recording with Zencastr (and set the right sampling rate so you won’t crackle throughout the whole first episode)
  • Setting up a website on GitHub pages with Jekyll and a custom domain
  • Setting up the right RSS feed and especially make Google happy to pick it up..
  • How not to sound like you’re reading something from a screen
  • And there will surely be a lot more learnings later on!

Tune In! #

We hope you will love what we’re doing on Null Pointers. At the very least we have already learned a thing or two while setting it up and having fun with it ourselves.

Also; we’re learning while doing here, so if you have any kind of feedback, please let us know! We’re big boys, we can handle it!