Databinding Scope in Xamarin.Forms

A question I have seen coming by a lot is: how to trigger a command from the ContextAction on an item in the ListView. While it seems straight-forward, implementation can be a bit tricky. This has everything to do with the databinding scope. This post will give you some background and show you how it’s … Read more

Detecting binding errors with LogWarningsToApplicationOutput in Xamarin.Forms

In a previous blog, which can be read here, I already described how you can detect binding errors in Xamarin.Forms. As a result of that blog, I opened a pull request on the Xamarin.Forms repository to add this as a feature instead of a hack. Let me tell you about this new upcoming feature in … Read more

Implementing value converters with IValueConverter for Xamarin.Forms

Value Converters Featured Image

When using Xamarin.Forms and the MVVM pattern within your app, at some point you are going to run into a problem. The problem is that you want to bind to a value that is not the right type. For example, you want to bind some enum value to the text color. This can easily be … Read more