Scanning and Generating Barcodes with ZXing on Xamarin.Forms

Scanning and Generating Barcodes with ZXing on Xamarin.Forms

Barcodes are still very much present in our daily lives. It’s a quick and easy way to store and read information or show a unique identifier on an object. It is not a big surprise that scanning barcodes is something that is often requested in apps. While mobile devices often aren’t specialized in these kinds … Read more

Building a hybrid app with Xamarin.Forms

Hybrid App Featured Image

A client came to me with the question if I could wrap their web application into a native app. Now, of course there is a lot of things to say about this, I did advice them against it, but for reasons they still wanted it and so I started building. The web application was already … Read more

Unlocking native control features the Xamarin.Forms way

While Xamarin did a great job with Forms in providing us with a set of controls that can be used creating our awesome UI, they didn’t (and couldn’t) enable all of the features that come with a Button or Label or.. whatever! So they did the basics, which is absolutely fine! But when you are … Read more