Contributing to Xamarin.Forms: My Story

Contributing to Xamarin.Forms: My Story hero image

In this series of posts I will go over the basics of contributing to Xamarin.Forms. I have 4 posts planned initially: my story, before you open a pull request (PR), opening a PR and after you opened a PR. In this first post I will tell you a little bit about my background. By sharing … Read more

Refresh Indicator for ListView Color in Xamarin.Forms

For a project I am working on, I needed to change the color of the spinner which is shown when you pull to refresh on a <em>ListView</em>. To my big surprise, this isn’t available by default. So, I thought I would add it so other people could benefit as well. In this post, I will share … Read more

TableSection TextColor for Xamarin.Forms

A new feature was merged into the Xamarin.Forms repository. This time: TextColor for the TableSection control. With this new feature, you can specify the color of the text that is used in a table section. A small feature, but each is one, right? 😉 In this post, we will look at how the implementation is … Read more

Hide Scrollbars for ListView with ScrollBarVisibility

Hide Scrollbars for ListView with ScrollBarVisibility

This PR of mine just got merged into master on the Xamarin.Forms repository. With this change, you can disable showing the scrollbars with the ScrollBarVisibility enum for the ListView control. This was done before for the ScrollView, but not the ListView. This should be available in a Xamarin.Forms nightly build soon for iOS, Android, Mac OS, … Read more

Detecting binding errors with LogWarningsToApplicationOutput in Xamarin.Forms

In a previous blog, which can be read here, I already described how you can detect binding errors in Xamarin.Forms. As a result of that blog, I opened a pull request on the Xamarin.Forms repository to add this as a feature instead of a hack. Let me tell you about this new upcoming feature in … Read more