Full-screen, disable minimize/maximize for .NET MAUI Windows apps

Under one of my videos I got the question: how do I enable or disable minimizing and maximizing the application window for my Windows app with .NET MAUI? That’s exactly what we will learn in this post! While all of this can probably also be achieved on macOS and possibly other platforms, I am focussing … Read more

Customize the Tab Bar “More” Title with .NET MAUI on Android

The other day an issue was opened on the .NET MAUI repository with the question: how do I customize the More title on the tab bar on Android? Since it’s not really that obvious, I’ll write about it here! What it’s all about When you add more than a certain number of tabs in a … Read more

Upgrade Your .NET MAUI App to .NET 7

Updating your .NET MAUI app from .NET 6 to .NET 7 is easy! In this post we’ll see what the process looks like. What’s New in .NET 7? There are many enhancements for .NET MAUI in .NET 7. First, a very much anticipated feature is .NET MAUI Maps. With Maps you can add a map … Read more