HTML in Your Xamarin.Forms Label

Hero image HTML in Your Xamarin.Forms Label

As I am writing this, the PR for showing HTML content in the Xamarin.Forms Label control has just been merged. In this post I will show you how to use it. If you are interested in the more technical bits and process, check out the link to the PR here. After implementing the MaxLines on … Read more

UWP MaxLines and IsPassword bugs in Xamarin.Forms

I have managed to get two PRs merged with Xamarin.Forms that squash two bugs for UWP when using Xamarin.Forms. In this post, I will give you a little insight in how the bugs could happen and how I managed to fix them. MaxLines bug First, let’s have a look at the MaxLines bug. This is … Read more

MaxLines on Labels in Xamarin.Forms

MaxLines on Labels in Xamarin.Forms

Hot off the press, another PR just got merged into the Xamarin.Forms repository. This time, adding a new feature on a Label, the ability to specify MaxLines. This will be available in a near-future Xamarin.Forms version on iOS, Mac OS, Android, and UWP. Edit 21 Sep. 2018: This functionality is now available as part of Xamarin.Forms … Read more

Loading a page (or anything!) from a XAML string in Xamarin.Forms

Loading controls and pages from a XAML string

I have seen this question come across pages like Stackoverflow a couple of times: “how can I load a page from a XAML string at runtime?”. Up until a little while ago this was hard, now it’s pretty easy! Let’s have a look at how we can load controls and even pages from a XAML … Read more