Create a Google Chromecast app with Xamarin.Forms in under 10 minutes

While I was waiting in between builds, I decided to put on some radio in the background. I started looking for a good app on my desktop I found TuneIn, which is nice. But I couldn’t Chromecast it to my Google Nest Mini device. I got the impression that TuneIn isn’t much more than a … Read more

Databinding Scope in Xamarin.Forms

A question I have seen coming by a lot is: how to trigger a command from the ContextAction on an item in the ListView. While it seems straight-forward, implementation can be a bit tricky. This has everything to do with the databinding scope. This post will give you some background and show you how it’s … Read more

SwipeView Interaction with Xamarin.Forms

On the Xamarin.Forms repository an issue was opened that requested an example on how to use SwipeView in CollectionView. Of course, I’m happy to explain. But I would hate to have that knowledge limited to just that issue. That’s why I’m writing this post about it so you can learn from it too! The SwipeView … Read more

SwipeView: Swipe All the Things in Xamarin.Forms 4.4

In the 4.4 release of Xamarin.Forms a couple of experimental controls were added. One of which is SwipeView. With SwipeView you are able to make controls swipe-able and put context actions underneath them. In this post, I will show you how easy it is to implement and use SwipeView in your own project. Earlier I … Read more

Refresh Indicator for ListView Color in Xamarin.Forms

For a project I am working on, I needed to change the color of the spinner which is shown when you pull to refresh on a <em>ListView</em>. To my big surprise, this isn’t available by default. So, I thought I would add it so other people could benefit as well. In this post, I will share … Read more

Hide Scrollbars for ListView with ScrollBarVisibility

Hide Scrollbars for ListView with ScrollBarVisibility

This PR of mine just got merged into master on the Xamarin.Forms repository. With this change, you can disable showing the scrollbars with the ScrollBarVisibility enum for the ListView control. This was done before for the ScrollView, but not the ListView. This should be available in a Xamarin.Forms nightly build soon for iOS, Android, Mac OS, … Read more

Grouped ListView with Alternate Row Color in Xamarin.Forms

Grouped ListView with Alternate Row Color in Xamarin.Forms

As a follow-up on my previous post about alternate row colors in a ListView, this question was posted on StackOverflow. The poster of the question wants to implement alternate row coloring on his grouped ListView. How can I implement it with a grouped listview? I want to have the alternate row color inside every group … Read more

Alternate Row Color in Xamarin.Forms ListView

Alternate Row Color in Xamarin.Forms ListView

When browsing on StackOverflow today, I came across a question that was asking how to set an alternate row color on a ListView. Of course, multiple solutions are available. But I thought I would implement it with a DataTemplateSelector. In this post, I will do a quick write-up of the details. The code for this … Read more

Implement grouping in the Xamarin.Forms ListView

Grouping ListView

Recently I have answered a question on StackOverflow, like I do a lot, and I thought I’d turn it into a blog post! Maybe I should make a series out of it.. In the meantime, the subject is: implementing grouping in a ListView. The sample code for this post can be found here: Question The … Read more

iOS UITableViewCellStyle in Xamarin.Forms

UITableViewCellStyleHeader Featured Image

In the past week, a question came across on StackOverflow for which I created a sample project. The question was: how to make the detail text of a TextCell appear on the right? I started to answer the question, as I do a lot, and quickly came across the UITableViewCellStyle in iOS. I thought it would … Read more