Customize the Tab Bar “More” Title with .NET MAUI on Android

The other day an issue was opened on the .NET MAUI repository with the question: how do I customize the More title on the tab bar on Android? Since it’s not really that obvious, I’ll write about it here! What it’s all about When you add more than a certain number of tabs in a … Read more

Creating a Chrome Extension with VS Code

Creating a Chrome Extension with VS Code

Hooray, I have built my first Chrome extension! Why and how? Annoyed by the automated translation of Microsoft Docs, I decided to do something about it. You can read all the details in this post and lean how easy it is to get started on your first Chrome extension. Background Story As you might have … Read more

Localization of the default iOS controls

When you are not from a English speaking country like myself, you will probably find yourself creating apps in your native language from time to time. Localization is something that you probably want to look into. While doing just that in Xamarin.Forms I noticed that, when using controls like the SearchBar (which is further explained in … Read more