Displaying Base64 encoded images in .NET MAUI

This question comes up from time to time, so I decided to answer this once and for all in an easy to share form: a blogpost. Read all about how to encode and decode Base64 images for viewing in .NET MAUI. Spoiler alert: this is not specific to .NET MAUI, you can also use this … Read more

Full-screen, disable minimize/maximize for .NET MAUI Windows apps

Under one of my videos I got the question: how do I enable or disable minimizing and maximizing the application window for my Windows app with .NET MAUI? That’s exactly what we will learn in this post! While all of this can probably also be achieved on macOS and possibly other platforms, I am focussing … Read more

Upgrade Your .NET MAUI App to .NET 7

Updating your .NET MAUI app from .NET 6 to .NET 7 is easy! In this post we’ll see what the process looks like. What’s New in .NET 7? There are many enhancements for .NET MAUI in .NET 7. First, a very much anticipated feature is .NET MAUI Maps. With Maps you can add a map … Read more

MediaElement for .NET MAUI: Early Preview

The .NET MAUI Community Toolkit team has been hard at work to bring the MediaElement for playing videos to .NET MAUI. In this post, read all about the features and how to try it yourself, today! What is MediaElement? MediaElement has been the control for playing audio and video in Xamarin.Forms. Peter Foot from the … Read more

.NET MAUI Windows Unpackaged Apps

Sometimes you just want to send the binaries to someone and not bother with a whole MSIX installer. In this post I will show you how to create a so-called unpackaged Windows app with .NET MAUI. Regular WinUI/Windows .NET MAUI App Distribution with MSIX Typically you want to use an MSIX to distribute your Windows … Read more

.NET MAUI Crash Course: Learn to Build Your First .NET MAUI App

For the past 2 weeks I have been releasing videos that will help you build your very first .NET MAUI App. This .NET MAUI Crash Course is now available for everyone, completely free! What is .NET MAUI? .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI for short) is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop … Read more