Grouped ListView with Alternate Row Color in Xamarin.Forms

Grouped ListView with Alternate Row Color in Xamarin.Forms

As a follow-up on my previous post about alternate row colors in a ListView, this question was posted on StackOverflow. The poster of the question wants to implement alternate row coloring on his grouped ListView. How can I implement it with a grouped listview? I want to have the alternate row color inside every group … Read more

Implement grouping in the Xamarin.Forms ListView

Grouping ListView

Recently I have answered a question on StackOverflow, like I do a lot, and I thought I’d turn it into a blog post! Maybe I should make a series out of it.. In the meantime, the subject is: implementing grouping in a ListView. The sample code for this post can be found here: Question The … Read more

Creating flight-mode safe Xamarin apps with Akavache

Using Akavache to create flight-mode safe apps featured image

In this post we will be looking at a library called Akavache by Paul Betts. This library lets you store key/value paired data easily. You can store any arbitrary data like user settings, but it can also be used to store cached data that will expire over time. We will see what Akavache does and how we can … Read more