Xamarin and everything on Evolve 2016

Evolve 2016 keynote

My conversation with my good friend Fanie Reynders for a GeekFest episode about the past Evolve 2016 and everything that is announced there!

We cover iOS simulator remoting within Visual Studio 6:49, the all new XAML Previewer 10:41, themes, a quick look at Snppts 25:51 (my pet project, see my previous post here) and Xamarin Workbooks 34:20. Let’s spread some Xamarin love!

YouTube channel

Also make sure you check out my YouTube channel. This channel, called Gur.Codes();, handles all elemental features of Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. Enjoy all the videos on there and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Snppts.io: share your amazing Xamarin.Forms designs!

snppts header

For the past few weeks, me and my good friend Steven have been busy creating a platform for sharing your beautiful custom UIs in Xamarin Forms, a template if you will. While Forms is ideal for simple, data-entry apps, it is also┬ápossible to create awesome UIs with just code and XAML, but also with the … Read moreSnppts.io: share your amazing Xamarin.Forms designs!