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have i been pwned? Xamarin.Forms app

·2 mins

The past few weeks I have been busy creating a new app based on the API. And it is ready!

What? #

The website is a website by security MVP Troy Hunt which focuses on data leaks, hacks and website breaches in all forms and shapes. While entering my usernames and passwords in there, I noticed there was also an API available. Because I’m a big supporter of creating secure software ánd needed a new app project to try out push notifications, I took up this project to create a multi-platform app which leverages this API.

I does almost everything you can do on the website. It shows you which sites are indexed, read background information about the hacks, search through breaches and pastes for your own data and enable push notifications to be notified on new breaches.

How? #

The techniques I have used include, but are not limited to:

  • Azure Mobile Services
  • PortableRest NuGet
  • Xamarin.Forms 2.0 with some CustomRenderers
  • FreshMvvm

Over the coming time I will describe some new things I have learned while creating this app. Probably starting with push notifications, which is going to be a big one divided into more posts.


Where? #

You can check it out yourself for iPhone (Universal iPhone and iPad) and Android. Taking advantage of all that Xamarin has to offer there is of course also a Windows Phone version but this is giving me some troubles right now, so it will come soon.

Let me know if you like it, want to know how I did specific things or you can think of any more features I could add!