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Update: is discontinued and apparently someone picked it up and turned it into malware. Do not go to anymore. We have reincarnated Snppts, you can read all about it in this post.

For the past few weeks, me and my good friend Steven have been busy creating a platform for sharing your beautiful custom UIs in Xamarin Forms, a template if you will.
While Forms is ideal for simple, data-entry apps, it is also possible to create awesome UIs with just code and XAML, but also with the use of custom renderers.
And because Forms uses those techniques it is very easy to lift those designs out of your app and share them!

What is this snppts? #

We noticed there are a lot of cool interfaces out there so we wanted to offer a exchange for developers, by developers to share our preciously styled user interfaces. Kind of like Xamarin.Forms templates.
The format isn’t very strict; you can submit your design, supply the GitHub repository that has the necessary code/XAML (and maybe an example app, or just reference your live app using this design) and that’s it! So very accessible and easy to share for everyone.

While there are only a few snippets online right now we hope you will participate in our awesome new platform and it will grow very fast!

If there are any errors, or you want to request features we’ve missed - and we probably did because we’re still developing.. - just drop us a message by mail ( or Twitter (@snpptsio). <These are not working anymore, see the notice at the top of this blog post or go to>

Quickly go over to <edited out, see notice at the top of this post or go to> and go look for yourself!

We hope you will love it!