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#XamarinUIJuly recap

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The whole of July we have seen blog posts by all kinds of amazing community members from around the globe. Steven Thewissen has initiated the #XamarinUIJuly to inspire people to share their beautiful Xamarin.Forms UI designs. Each day there was a new post sharing the details on how a design or functionality was implemented and how you can use it today.

What is #XamarinUIJuly? #

July has 31 days so there are 31(-ish) posts that are shared during this month. Following the example of Luis Matos, Steven came up with an idea to put July in the theme of beautiful UIs that can be created with Xamarin.Forms. This is known as #XamarinUIJuly. The idea is simple: each day another contributor writes a post linked to the theme and all the posts are aggregated on the blog of the initiator, in this case Steven.

From there, there will be lots of exposure. Tweets, shares, likes and whatnot to share with the world what is going on.

All the authors have done a great job on creating a great concept and then sharing their knowledge and insights by writing on their blog. This enables you to benefit from that and be inspired to incorporate these concepts into you own apps.

This edition of the Xamarin month was in fact so popular, that there were even a couple of posts by authors who weren’t even on the original schedule. That is amazing! A big special thanks to them!

The #XamarinUIJuly recap #

To close off this great month, Steven, Javier and myself did a live stream on Twitch and YouTube. In this stream we went through all the submissions, showing them off. In addition, what I love about live streaming, we had a ton of interaction with the crowd that was watching.

You can find the full video below.

The recording of our #XamarinUIJuly recap live stream

In Closing #

A big thank you to all the contributors to the #XamarinUIJuly initiative. And of course to Steven for coming up with it and arranging everything. During the stream we briefly mentioned that maybe we should do it more often. Do you have any ideas for another theme for another month? Please feel free to organise it. If that is not your thing, let me know and let’s see what we can do.

I’m planning on doing more live streaming so please feel free to subscribe to my Twitch and/or YouTube channel.