[BOOK] Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery: Team Services, Test Cloud, and HockeyApp

*Pinch* Is this a dream?! My very own book? No it is not! I did write a book, Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery, and here is everything you need to know about it.

A while ago I have done some blogposts on continuous integration and delivery for Xamarin apps. While doing so I got more and more enthousiastic about the whole subject. For a while now, I have also been daydreaming about writing my own book. So I combined these two and now, proud and humbled, I can present to you my book Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery: Team Services, Test Cloud, and HockeyApp.

What is Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery about?

In this book I will go more in-depth on the whole CI/CD for Xamarin apps. I will take you by the hand in setting up your first automated build pipeline. All of this is done by using Microsoft techniques; Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp. Not only does my book help you with everything that is required to never worry about ‘it works on my machine’ ever again, but it also shows you some alternative tooling like Fastlane, Bitrise and Testfairy. Lastly, I have tried not only to provide you with a hands-on guide, but with a work of inspiration to optimize your working process. This is not only done by aqcuiring the right tooling, but also the right mindset and follwing the right process. After reading my book I hope you will have learned all the basics there is to know about continuous integration and continuous delivery and from there take it to the next level by yourself.

I find myself truly blessed with no one less than Donovan Brown, DevOps superhero, who was willing to provide a foreword for me. Also, to make sure I don’t sell you any non-sense, this book has been under strict supervision of Adam Pedley, a true Xamarin magician. Thank you both so much!

Xamarin Continuous Integration and Delivery Book Cover
Ta-ta-ta-taaaa! I present to you, the cover!

Where to get it

The book is available for pre-order now on Amazon! For just $ 34,99 you get your own shiny copy. It will be available in eBook form as well.
Note; the final release date is not set yet, it should be closer than the date showing on the Amazon page at the time of writing. It seems the release date has been updated to a more realistic one.

If you decide to buy it, please do not hesitate to let me know what you think through mail (if it’s really bad) or Twitter (when it’s not that bad) and/or provide some feedback through the proper channels.

Either way; thank you for reading my blogs, articles and now my book(s?)!

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  1. How can we purchase the eBook? I don’t see the option to preorder it from Amazon.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ebsan! Thank you for your interest in my book. The ebook is not available for preorder right now. Closer to the release date it will be. On Twitter I will post any updates, so if you don’t follow me yet; please do 🙂

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